Sun Sentienal :

By Lyn Farmer |  Dining Correspondent
   May 25, 2007

Nami is a Japanese restaurant that produces double takes with fans of sushi bars.

To be sure, the bar is large, but the surprising element at Nami is that it is only Japanese. This is one of the few restaurants in the area that doesn't add Thai in an effort to broaden its appeal. There's no Asian fusion, no sushi rolls with curry, not even Thai beer, though there is a full bar.

That's not to say Nami doesn't have a gimmick. The restaurant draws a huge crowd for family festivities to its teppan, the large griddles surrounded by seats where cooks (it's hard to think of them as chefs) engage in kitchen theatrics to enhance what is basically a stir-fry experience for a crowd. The crowd loves it too, and there's a regular series of hoots and hollers from the teppan tables in one half of the restaurant to the otherwise unflappable fish fanatics at the sushi bar.,0,4755787.story